Is self love selfish?

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Self love can perceived as something that is selfish and close to narcissism but in reality it is just a way of putting yourself first. Loving accepting who you are the good and the bad with confidence and not settling in life.

Many people believe that self love is being obsessed and with yourself. In someways you need to be. However self love is not mistreating someone and thinking you are better than them. It is a form of self acceptance and having pride in yourself.

Respecting yourself and being comfortable as you are. It is understandable why some may think this but honestly it is not, how could it be? How can taking care of yourself be selfish? How can wanting better for your life be selfish? How can having confidence and high self esteem be selfish?.

It is those people that see self love as selfish that have none, and would rather like you to be on the same boat with them rather than the beautiful yacht you CAN create for yourself. To put it simply the answer is NO.

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