How to get over your Ex: 5 effective ways to move on

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Ending a relationship is difficult and hurtful, however moving on with life is crucial. These steps help towards getting over your ex and becoming a better version of yourself.

1) Accept that the relationship is over

Understanding that the relationship is not working and has ended is an important step to get through the break up and get over your ex. The end of a relationship means that you both want something different in life, conflict occurred or they don’t fit into your lifestyle. Remember the reasons that the relationship didn’t work out, they show you why your ex wasn’t right for you and be patient that the right person will come along. They just were not your person because true love is easy and fits.

2) Remember that closure is subjective

Not getting over your ex means that you are holding on to something. Whatever that may be realize that if you keep seeking their comfort and closure and don’t get what you envisioned you will only cause you to become more hurt. You can give yourself closure by letting go of your claim on them, understanding that what happens in life is meant to be. Try talking to yourself and saying the things you want to say to your ex to the mirror.

3) Distract yourself

Distracting yourself from the constant thought of your ex is a good method. Picking up a hobby such as running, painting or dancing. Can be fun and help you not think about the relationship. Distracting yourself slowly let’s you recover and your heart to mend and the next time you think about them you will know that they were not right for you.

4) Remember that time heals

The ending of a relationship is extremely difficult but it is important to remember that time heals even the biggest of wounds. Men feel it months after the breakup and want their ex back where are woman directly after it. Over time the pain and constant missing state you are in will fade, and you’ll be mended.

5) Write a letter to yourself

Sit down and address the feelings you have about the relationship and ex. List the pros and cons and then you’ll know that there really isn’t anything you can do. It is over, that chapter is closed. Write that letter/ chapter and start a new one. If that experience was amazing remember that there is many more to come.

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