How to become the best version of yourself

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

5 habits that will transform your life

Even wanting to better yourself is a step to life turning 180 degrees. Imagining your dream ideal woman/man you want to become is achievable however it takes time and effort. Nobody changes overnight so be patient and optimistic.

1) Find your purpose in life.

Finding your purpose in life helps give it meaning. What ever dream you are thinking of right now is best suited for you. Think of ways you can achieve it, map out the time scale and methods to make it happen. Finding your dream or creating one is full of wonder and opportunity so don’t be like the average Joe. Think and wish bigger

2) Create goals

Compiling a goal list of things you want to do for the day or life goals keeps your life in order. It keeps you in check and on top of what you want out of life to help create that change that you wanted. It can be from finishing homework to buying a home by 30. A goal list is rewarding because you are doing what you want in a time scale that is comfortable for you. One that pushes you to want better in life and become a more successful person.

3) Take care of your body and mind

Eating healthier and exercising frequently will expand your life time, but also give you energy, confidence and a better body/face/skin. Health is crucial for becoming a better version of yourself. Care for it and nurture it. Make sure to breathe in moments of stress and find a positive. Your mindset determines the outcome of your success therefore be kind to yourself.

4) Forgive

To become a better version of yourself you need to overcome the negative baggage you have. All those that have wronged you and hurt you has an horrible effect on your being and if you show resentment and hate, you are only hurting yourself. So make time to sit down and talk to yourself. Forgive those people you not because they deserve it but because you don’t want that to hold you back.

5) Don’t give up

Put effort into everything you do, running that extra mile or trying to figure out the answer to an equation. Having determination and the strength to power through is the ultimate key to becoming a better person. So don’t give up remember that failure is one of the best characters of success.

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